Hi, my name is Rob Halff and I’m a Freelance Web Developer from the Netherlands who’s main focus is creating software using all things javascript, both frontend and backend.

I enjoy facing new challenges as well as implementing the best well known solutions for common problems.

I have many years of experience throughout the whole internet spectrum, am a continuous learner and always strive to keep myself up to date on the latest technologies.

As said, my main expertise is writing web applications in TypeScript and Javascript.

Regarding frontend frameworks I mostly use:

Recently, I am also developing in Dart and Flutter. which for me is an exiting new environment.
If your company is seeking Flutter/Dart developers, please do not hesitate to contact me!

My Dart/Flutter open source projects can be found at the github dartlib organization.

Some recent work includes:

My main github profile can be found at https://github.com/rhalff

I’m mostly known as rhalff on any social or communication platform.



Freelance Software Engineer,RobbertHalff (2014-01 — Present)

Company name under which I’m freelancing and contracting.

Client requests are often versatile and I’m accepting frontend, mobile and backend projects.

Frontend projects are mostly based on Angular or React.

For the creation of backend services I’ll often use node.js, but also know my way around in Ruby, go and Dart based backends.

Although I have experience in multiple hybrid frameworks I’m currently mainly focusing on Flutter for mobile projects.

Software Engineer, Jexia (2014-01 — 2015-01)

Development of User Management and authentication system and real-time statistics monitoring.

Web Developer, The Image Firm (2004-01 — 2012-01)

Main programming lead, transforming a traditional design company into an internet service provider with own content management system supporting company websites, international portals and intranets.

Web Developer, Jarins (2001-01 — 2003-01)

Development of spam filtering on SMTP level for international clients, providing multi domain spam filtering for corporations.

Application Support, ABN AMRO (1996-01 — 2001-01)

Application support for mainframe applications. Programming tasks included writing JCL and REXX, job scheduling using IMS and database management with DB2.

  • Support and testing for Y2000 and Euro conversion.



Hogeschool voor Economische Studies Amsterdam (1993-06 — 1996-04)

I did not finish this study and instead I took an offer to specialize myself in supporting mainframe applications which got me my first professional job.


I have started playing golf in my youth and still like to play every now and then.
My current handicap is around 8.
I aim to run somewhere between 5 & 10 km every day. My average km time is somewhere around 5.30, which is rather modest yet good enough as my main objective is to clear my mind and of course to stay in shape.